Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Best Gold Farming AddOn in Mist of Pandaria - Tycoon

Are you wondering which gold earning secrets hide the upcoming patch 5.3.0 ?
Have you wondered why the auction house is always filled with overprices items?
Have you wondered why recipes, profession materials and some skill, like the riding one are so damn expensive?
Have you wondered why people pay sometimes a few k's of gold for a single enchant or a simple item?

It's because people got enough money to spend without thinking about it.

But how did they earn their ingame gold? If you also want to have every item in WoW, then continue reading!

Some bought it via gold farmers - that is illegal and will get you banned!
Some spend their whole time, day and night, grinding ores, herbs and skins only to sell them on the AH and get some gold to buy those epics.
And some, like me, discovered an amazing AddOn which automatics everything! The awesome Tycoon AddOn ! Buy it today, you won't regret it. I bough it and just in a few days I became the richest guy in my guild (I play on Darkspear US, PM 'Dayssmasher' if you see me online).

The price is definitely worth it. Why pay Chinese gold farmers (Ni hao!) when you can earn way way more on your own without the fear of ever getting banned?
If you are like me, and love to brag how you made 100k gold in two days, then wait no more!
Buy today the amazing Tycoon AddOn

Click here today and order now!

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